Annual Reports

A Parochial Report (Forms A and C) is expected to be completed on an annual basis by February if snail-mailed or March if completed online.  Go to  The Parochial Report, while perhaps a tedious task to complete, nonetheless plays an important part in connecting your congregation with the mission and ministry of the whole Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  The Parochial Report is:

  • One way the churchwide organization has of getting the big picture of ministry happening across the ELCA.
  • One way to measure congregational health over a long period of time, using similar measures of health among all ELCA congregations.
  • One record of your congregation’s history that is publicly accessible to the church at large (through the ELCA website and synodical records).
  • Providing the synodical and churchwide organizations with necessary information to better meet your congregation’s needs and the needs of other congregations.

The Rostered Leader’s Report to the Synod Bishop is also due on an annual basis in February and also may be completed online. Go to

Click here for the Rostered Leaders Report to Bishop (Short Form)
These confidential reports are used by the synodical bishop in a number of important ways:

1.    To determine if the synodical minimum compensation guidelines are being met and to offer support and/or counsel to pastors and congregations, if desired;
2.    To provide limited synodical financial assistance to pastors not receiving pension benefits on the basis of minimum synodical guidelines.
3.    To determine if a pastor is contemplating a new call;
4.    To offer concern and/or support when significant issues within the family or congregation are identified;
5.    To encourage a rostered leader’s participation in continuing education, when necessary.

It is Bishop Collins’s intent to respond to all pastors who submit their report and also identify an email address. As important as it is for pastors to take the time to complete the report, the bishop believes that it is equally important for her to make it clear to you that it is read.