Campus Ministry

One of the ways that this synod ministers to young adults is through our support of campus ministries across our territory.  This is done through providing opportunities for campus ministers to meet periodically and through financial and communications support.

The Campus Ministry Team meets about three times a year to offer support and connection between all of these campus ministers.  The synod budget provides the lunch for these occasions—a welcome show of hospitality and commitment to our shared mission of sharing faith on campus. During the group’s meetings, they discuss current projects they are working on and also take time to discuss issues that campus ministers face on a regular basis.

Our support also consists of uplifting the work of these important ministries in our synod publications as well as providing time and space for the lead staff to meet and talk about issues they are facing.  In addition, we provide funding as part of the synod’s annual budget.  This funding helps to support the faith formation of young adults, provide opportunities for leadership development and to form connections to the larger church.

The Upper Susquehanna Synod works with the following campus ministries.  Their lead staff are listed in parentheses and their website is linked below.

Although physically located in Allegheny Synod, our support of Lutheran Campus Ministry at Penn State is part of a shared agreement between our synod, Allegheny Synod, and Lower Susquehanna Synod.

If you know a young person about to head off to college this fall, you can help them get connected with their local campus ministry by passing on their name and contact information using the cards that will be distributed at the synod assembly, or by contacting Alicia Anderson ( No matter where the student is heading to college, members of this team will see that their information is shared with their local campus minister.  To read an overview of why one should go to a Lutheran college, click here: