Synod Council

The Synod Council consists of the four officers of the synod, three representatives from each of the six conferences, one youth member, and one young adult member elected by the Synod Assembly.  The Synod Council serves as the board of directors of the synod, and its interim legislative authority between meetings of the Synod Assembly.  Synod Council meetings are posted on the calendar, located here:


Synod Officers:

  • Bishop:  Rev. Barbara J. Collins
  • Vice President:  Melvin Stojakovich, Jr.
  • Secretary:  Rev. Thomas Glasoe
  • Treasurer:  Rev. Chad Hebrink

Buffalo Valley Conference Representatives:

  • Rev. John Yost (term expires 2018)
  • Mr. Terry Gardner (2019)
  • Ms. Crystal L. Bollinger (2020)

Juniata Valley Conference Representatives:

  • Rev. Erin L. Bovendam (term expires 2018)
  • Mr. Stephen Rodgers (2019)
  • Ms. Esther Bratton (2020)

Middle Creek Conference Representatives:

  • Ms. Sharon Benner (term expires 2018)
  • Rev. Rick White (2019)
  • Mr. Scott Frost (2020)

North Branch Conference Representatives:

  • Mrs. Lisa Myhre (term expires 2018)
  • Rev. Gretchen Johanson (2019)
  • Mr. John Riley (2020)

Tulpehocken Conference Representatives:

  • Mr. Michael Erdley (term expires 2018)
  • Ms. Audrey Broscious (2019)
  • Rev. MarthaSue Moll (2020)

West Branch Conference Representatives:

  • Mr. Gary Womelsdorf (term expires 2018)
  • Ms. Shelby Wyland (2019)
  • Rev. Joshua Reinsburrow (2020)

Youth Representative:

  • Ms. Malin Kint (term expires 2018)

Young Adult Representative:

  • Ms. Olivia Tuanll (term expires 2019)

Representative from Camp Mount Luther (non-voting)

  • Mr. Chad Hershberger

Representative from USSWO (non-voting)

  • Ms. Jean Crumb

Assistant to the Bishop/Director for Evangelical Mission

  • Rev. Craig Miller